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LOGIQ ABS Plastic Lockers

LOGIQ ABS Plastic Lockers are well known in the market for its good value and qualities and its aesthetic appeal.

LOGIQ ABS Plastic Lockers uses superior material and conceptual designs.  They are made of 100% ABS Plastic ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ) otherwise known as engineering grade plastic. 

LOGIQ ABS Plastic Lockers feature high-impact resistance quality that is superior to conventional lockers found in the market.

-High Impact Resistance Door @ 637 N

-Heavy Duty Body (withstand up to 190kg Force in 1 Hr)

Durable and corrosion resistant, these high density plastic lockers are specifically designed for long term usage, even in harsh environment which makes it a popular choice for water theme parks, swimming and sports facilities and schools.

Available in multi-tiered units, LOGIQ ABS Plastic Lockers are designed in modular concept which allows the lockers to be stacked and placed side by side to create various locker room configurations.

Our boltless design - absolutely no tools required - allow easy DIY style installation and replacement of damaged parts.
2 different door designs in more than 10 different colour choices.
Come with multiple locking options.


LOGIQ ABS Locker Size Chart


LOGIQ ABS Plastic Lockers
2 Tiers ABS Plastic Locker
3 Tiers ABS Plastic Locker
4 Tiers ABS Plastic Locker
5 Tiers ABS Plastic Locker
8 Tiers ABS Plastic Locker
2nd Generation ABS Plastic Locker
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