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Visitor Locker - Keyless Locker

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Perfect for service-oriented facilities with external customers or support internal members, LOGIQ Locker provides a keyless combo lock system that enable convenient self-service usage.
No keys to carry, no wires to run, and no batteries to change! LOGIQ keyless combination locker is a must for your facilities.

Keyless system allows successive users to set their own 4-digit codes and re-use the same locker compartment(s). Or system can be set up with pre-set codes and management can be in charge of changing codes. Master (over-ride) key provided to resolve forgotten personal codes

Our keyless combination, Locker Lock are more secure than a traditional keyed lock because they can't be picked or bumped.



Features of Keyless Locker includes :
Master Key Control
- For security checks and to recover forgotten codes.

- Keyless locker, save manpower and administrative cost.

No Preset Codes
- User set their own codes INDEFINITELY

- No electrical power needed, maintenance-free, save operations costs.

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