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C1515 RFID Locker Lock

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RFID technology and security in a compact lock. LOGIQ is the highly engineered electronic lock that’s built to interface with Lockers made out of Plastic, Wood or Steel material.

Long battery life makes this an ideal low maintenance lock.

􀀀 Front Panel:127(H)×50(W)×22(D)mm
􀀀 Length of Latch:39.5 mm
􀀀 Fitted door thickness:0.6~2.5mm
􀂄 Material and Surface Finishing:
Front Panel : Plastic Painting with brushed nickel or Spray Coating


3 levels management : Owner key(1 pcs); Master key(5 pcs) or Master code(1 group); Guest key(1 pcs), Temporary password(1 group) or Permanent password(1 group).
1-level :Owner key
2-level : Master key or Master code
3-level : Guest key, Temporary and Permanent Code

Unlocking Mode:it have 4 opening modes for customer, their are open lock by Temporary password; open lock by Permanent password; open lock by Guest card; open lock by Guest card and temporary password

Incorrect code alarm: It alarms after four attempts with an incorrect password.

Input password fault-tolerance : Any incorrect digits can be input before inputting the correct password.

Low-voltage alarm:If the voltage fall below DC4.2V±0.2,Alarm will on when unlocking,indicate to replace new battery.

External power backup: emergent power backup available.

Buzzer Cancellation available:Buzzer can be cancelled after inputting corresponding command.


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